My dear friend, who has an almost 9-year-old son, said something quite profound to me the other night.

“Never say you can’t wait.”

I had said I couldn’t wait for baby to be older so I could sneak him out in his pajamas for a late night treat. She had once told me she did that with her son. Since then, it has always stuck with me as a very intimate moment between mother and son, and reminded me of those special times with my own mum. I was, and still am, excited to experience those incredible bonding moments with my baby boy, but our conversation certainly made me stop and think.

She went on to say how the moments with one’s child go by so quickly that the eager anticipation of the next milestone often overshadows what precious little time we have with our babies. In other words, live in the moment.

The warning against my longing for the future came from a mother’s expertise. I know why she said it and I understand it more now than ever.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by the desire to have my baby fall asleep on my chest like he used to. It was such a special time in those first few months where his little body fit perfectly on me, with my chin gently able to nuzzle the top of his head. He would lay there content for hours, and I would just the same.

However, it’s not that simple anymore. Eager to explore the world around him and determined not to fall asleep, he pushes himself up and head-butts me. He starts to gently caress my face with his not-so-little hands which soon turns into scratching and clawing of the most impressive kind. Next is the hair. His tiny fingers wrap around a healthy grouping of strands and twist and turn and pull toward his mouth. A rare delicacy, Mummy’s hair is only recommended for the most adventurous pallet.

No matter what he does now though, I’m certain in a month’s time, I’ll be wishing he was clawing my face and pulling my hair out.

They do, as everyone tells you, grow up so fast. What they don’t always tell you is to live in the moment.

Thank you to my Kindred.





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